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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for orders to ship?

Orders usually ship within 5-7 business days of purchasing UNLESS otherwise specified on the item(s) you ordered - make sure to read the full description (most canvas prints take 10-15 business days to ship)! Once it's left my hands, it can take 5-20 business days to arrive at your address. If you need something shipped express, please contact me so I can get you a quote. Orders to Australia/New Zealand are currently taking up to 40 business days to arrive. 


If I pay with a payment plan, when does my art ship?

If you purchase artwork using a payment plan, it places your purchase on hold so no one else can buy it and it will ship after the final payment on your plan is processed. If partway through your plan you wish to pay off the rest, get in touch via the contact form and we will sort you out!


Why do canvas prints ship rolled and how do I get it stretched? 

Canvas prints ship rolled because they are less likely to get damaged and a lot cheaper to ship. You can easily get a canvas stretched at your local framer for a lot less than the extra it would cost for me to ship it stretched. I have it set up this way to save you some money. If you still wish to have your canvas pre-stretched, contact me and I will give you a quote for how much extra it will be to stretch and ship. Are you a DIY kind of person? You can find lots of great tutorials on "How to Stretch a Canvas Print" on YouTube.


How do I flatten my print that shipped rolled?

Sometimes, when prints remain rolled in the tube for an extended period of time, they'll have a curve to them. Not to worry - this is totally normal and an easy fix! You can lay the print down on a flat surface, place a towel over it and some heavy books to weigh it down. If it is still curved after 24hrs, you can lay the print face down over some wax paper, lightly brush a bit of water onto the back, place a towel and some heavy books over it and let it dry for 24hrs. That should do the trick. Don't worry if there is a little moisture left in it, it will still dry flat after that.


How can I display a paper print safely?

I would recommend contacting your local framer for framing options. As an alternative, some places will even mount them on wood and glaze over them.


Do you take commissions?

My commissions are closed. If you are interested in any of my pieces please feel free to check out my collection here
The only custom works I currently have available are "Vibe Portraits". Find out more about those here


Can you draw me a tattoo/can I get your art tattooed? 

I do not draw tattoos. However, you are always welcome to get one of my pieces tattooed. If you decide to do so, I just ask that you tag my art page (@lunacharlotteart) in your social media posts, and, if you wish, you can make a donation for using my art here.


Do you do murals?

Yes, I do murals. They must give me creative freedom, a loose concept is ok. You can see the areas I'll be visiting on my art tours here, otherwise, you will be required to cover transportation and accommodation costs for me to come complete your project. Contact me for a quote and make sure to include the following information; location, indoor/outdoor, private/public space, size, and your general idea or concept if you have one. 


Wholesale Orders.

Please contact me here if you are interested in wholesale orders. 


There's an issue with my order.

If you have a problem with an order (damaged or lost shipment, etc.), please reply directly to your order confirmation email, or contact me here and make sure to include your order number and specific issue with your order. If your item arrived damaged, please send photos. My team and I package everything as well as possible to limit damage, however, on occasion, it isn't handled properly by postage companies. This is why all packages are insured and tracked. We will do our best to resolve any issues. Please keep in mind we are a small team running a business. This means it may take us a few days to try and resolve your issue. If a damage or loss claim is filed, the response time after that is dependent on the courier. Claims can only be filed within 30 days of receiving your order, so please contact us no later than 25 days after receiving your order. We will not be able to cover damages if you contact us later than this. 


Don't see the answer to your question?

Contact me here.