Hey. You. You're amazing. Wishing you a magical day.

my focus is to provide quality products in an eco-friendly way;

I strive to make sure all the products I sell of my artwork reflect my values. Prints are printed through a small company in Canada. They are archival museum quality. My paintings are scanned professionally to make sure I am providing the highest quality print I can. Bandanas are printed in my friend's basements, and pins are also a collaborative effort with a friend.

A little about my packaging; I'm working towards making sure all my products are shipped safely in the most sustainable way possible. Currently, all my packaging is either re-used, made from recycled products, or biodegradable. I try and support small companies creating eco-friendly alternatives to your standard packaging as much as I can. I always encourage you to re-use what you can when you receive an order, and otherwise recycle/compost if possible.

All my prints are signed by hand, and numbered if they are part of a limited series. Please remeber I am a single human handling all of your orders amidst the chaos of continuously creating art. I ship once a week, usually on Mondays. I appreciate your patience and understanding, and thank you very much for visiting my shop and supporting my art journey as it grows and evolves.

I'm making steps every day to move forward in eco-sustainability and providing the highest quality customer service I can.

Much Love.